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The wait is over. Phase Out is finally here! One of Science Fictions Greatest Adventures.


Thrilling in the extreme. A definite page-flipper. 





     Phase Out



Forty-seven years into the new millennium, the US Government has been downsized to a tenth of what it was at the turn of the century.  The Defense budget has been slashed and Private Armies financed by large corporations are now waging perpetual war. Ben Denning, a young psychic with the ability to read thoughts, is recruited by the largest and most powerful of the mega-corporations to be a spy in a war being fought on the moon – the battle over the lunar mining rights to Helium 3, the most important fuel of the future.

What at first seems like the opportunity of a lifetime soon turns into a hallucinogenic nightmare as Ben is sent on a mission where he must face psychic warriors with weapons that create illusions and false realities, where nothing is real, and no one can be trusted.  To survive, Ben must learn to use the most dangerous weapon of them all – the mind.

Phase Out is the ultimate acid trip; the story of reality turned on its head and twisted inside out – a tale of future war, future weapons, and one of Science Fictions greatest adventures. Welcome to the strange and beautiful world of DJ Wallace.


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